Solar Powered Fluttering Butterfly
AA Battery or Solar Powered Butterfly Application

solar powered fluttering butterfly Solar Powered Fluttering Butterflies

This artificial butterfly is powered either by solar power or one AA battery, each unit comes with a rotation disc and butterfly, the body and solar cell, support column, the pivot-end.(AA battery is not included) fluttering butterfly
When power is on, the disc is spinning, a wire connects between the disc and the butterfly and that makes the butterfly fluttering. The butterfly will fly fluttering around in a circle way if the support column is straight up right, if you make the support column in an angle, the butterfly will be hovering in a spot like enjoying the flower.
Butterfly is weather proof, it can be used outdoor and indoor.
When using outdoor, spike it in the flower bush, turn the solar cell facing the sun, switch power to solar mode, and it starts flying when the sun come out.
When using indoor, spike it in a flower bouquet, a greenery setup or tape it to a Christmas tree, switch it to the battery mode, butterfly starts fluttering right away.
These solar powered butterflies have three different colors, available in red, blue or yellow. Each comes in a color box, a vivid decoration for home and garden, and a great gift for all the seasons.

Fluttering Butterflies Specifications
solar power fluttering butterflies
Solar supply: 1V, 90ma(Luminosity requirement: 100K lux)
Battery power supply: 1.5V AA battery (not included)
Support Body Size: 16.5" from top disc to the bottom
Wire length: 10"
Butterfly Size: 3"x 2.5"
Individual color box size: 8 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 3 3/8"

Fluttering Butterflies Online Ordering information
Butterfly Model Description Quantity Case Price (shipping not included) Order online
DCM002-48 Red, blue, yellow assorted color solar butterflies, comes with a color display box(see picture on right) 48pcs/case 144.00/case
Out of stock
DCM002-24 Red, blue, yellow assorted color solar butterflies 24pcs/case 96.00/case
Out of stock
DCM002-12 Red, blue, yellow assorted color solar butterflies 12pcs/case 51.00/case
Out of stock
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