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  LED underwater pond light with light color controller Ocean Mist ® Super bright submersible LED light features low power consumption, LED underwater pond light with light color controller long working life, cold light source for under water or above water lighting application. Great for using in pond, water fountain, home or garden decoration, see our floating water fountain with 48 LED lightfloating LED lighted water fountain. Available also in water pump & light section, we have submersible pumps, fountain pumps, 20W submersible pond light pump/light combo, 5W, 10W,20W, 50W underwater light and halogen light bulb, light cover lens & fountain light and accessories
      You can find here the most complete series of Mist Generator, or called mist maker,atomizer with wireless fog/light controller ultrasonic fogger, from small single fountain mist maker, fogger with fog/light wireless remote controller, three jet pond mist maker, 9 pod mist UFO with light high output nine pod outdoor fogger to ten pod industrial mist generator, 10 pod industrial ultrasonic fogger also with complete selection of replacement part, fogger maintenance kit and accessories. Great decoration suppliment for water fountain, waterfalls, pond, and having an amazing result for hydroponic application.  
Gargoyle fog smoking water foundain A large selection of mist water fountain,magic sky mist fog fountain fog lamp, decorative humidifier in our aroma diffuser & mini humidifier section, from table top misting fountain, rolling ball water fountain natural stone mountain waterfalls mist fountain, rolling ball water fountain to mini humidifier and aroma diffuser with unique design and feature.
      For commercial or industrial humidification, We carry a series of Ocean Mist ® Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifier industrial ultrasonic humidifier with mist/fog output from 3 lbs per hour up to 26 lbs per hour. Having average mist droplet size 5 micron, it is great for using in factory, warehouse, super market, greenhouse, for growing orchid, mushroom... or creating smoke effect for pond, stage, or using in a theme park...
ultrasonic atomizer       Also available, we have industrial atomizer parts, power supply and accessories suited to your product needs and industrial application.

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